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With applications ranging from high-resolution sensing to quantum information science, spin control at the nanoscale is emerging as an area of newfound importance. Specific topics of interest guiding our research effort are (i) the development of new spin-based platforms for nanometer-resolution MRI and various nanoscale sensing protocols, (ii) quantum control of individual spin clusters for quantum information processing, and (iii) the generation of electron or nuclear spin hyper-polarization. We are presently inviting applications for a POSTDOCTORAL POSITION in our group. To learn more please click here.

To guide you through our website we have assembled a set of short movies describing some conceptual and practical aspects of our work. An intro video clip by Prof. Meriles follows below.

We are conducting a range of experiments centered on the understanding and manipulation of individual or small ensembles of paramagnetic defects. Illustrative examples along with more images and video clips can be found in our Research page. We also suggest you check out these Publications:

“Probing electric-dipole-enabled transitions in the excited state of the nitrogen-vacancy center in diamond”, T. Delord, R. Monge, G.I. Lopez-Morales, O. Bach, C.E. Dreyer, J. Flick, C.A. Meriles, submitted. Available as arXiv:2405.16280.

“Photoinduced charge injection from shallow point defects in diamond into water”, K. Xu, D. Pagliero, G.I. Lopez Morales, J. Flick, A. Wolcott, and Carlos A. Meriles, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, in press.

“Correlated spectroscopy of electric noise with color center clusters”, T.  Delord, R. Monge, C.A. Meriles, Nano Lett. 24, 6474 (2024). Available online in open access form and also as arXiv:2401.07814.

“3D-mapping and manipulation of photocurrent in an optoelectronic diamond device”, A.A. Wood, D.J. McCloskey, N. Dontschuk, A. Lozovoi, R.M. Goldblatt, T. Delord, D.A. Broadway, J.-P. Tetienne, B. C. Johnson, K.T. Mitchell, C.T.-K. Lew, C.A. Meriles, A.M. Martin, submitted. Available as arXiv:2402.07091.

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“Microwave-free dynamic nuclear polarization via sudden thermal jumps”, C.A. Meriles, P.R. Zangara, Phys. Rev. Lett. 128, 037401 (2022). Available as arXiv:2201.09092. Learn more.

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“Optical activation and detection of charge transport between individual colour centres in diamond”, A. Lozovoi, H. Jayakumar, D. Daw, G. Vizkelethy, E. Bielejec, J. Flick, M.W. Doherty, C.A. Meriles, Nat. Electron. 4, 717 (2021). Available as arXiv:2110:12272. Learn more.

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“Scalable microcavity-coupled quantum emitters in 2D hexagonal boron nitride”, N.V. Proscia, H. Jayakumar, X. Ge, G.l. Lopez-Morales, Z. Shotan, W. Zhou, C.A. Meriles, V.M. Menon, Nanophot. 9, 2937 (2020). Available as  arxiv:1906.06546. Learn more.

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Our laboratories are located at the Center for Discovery and Innovation (CDI), part of a new science complex on the CCNY campus. Also part of this initiative is the CUNY Advanced Science Research Center (ASRC), a state-of-the-art cross-disciplinary facility housing the most advanced nanofab in the New York area. Check out the photos below or take our Virtual Tour to learn more!