ToNV1wards paramagnetic-center-enabled Quantum Spintronics
We investigate the dynamics of charge ionization, diffusion, and trapping between paramagnetic centers in diamond.

NV2High-density data storage in diamond
We articulate NV center spin and charge control as a route to sub-diffraction optical data storage in dense NV center ensembles.

NV3NV-center-assisted nanoscale metrology

Combining optically-detected magnetic resonance and atomic force microscopy we are developing new forms of spin-assisted sensing with nanoscale resolution.

NV4Nanoscale nuclear magnetic resonance
Using near-surface NV centers we probe nanoscale ensembles of nuclear spins in organic systems, a step toward nm-resolved MRI.

NV5Optical hyperpolarization of fluids

We are exploring alternate strategies to transfer polarization from optically-pumped paramagnetic centers to fluids brought in contact with the host crystal surface.

Investigation of color centers in 2D materials
Novel photon emitters in van der Waals systems such as hBN or TMDs are opening opportunities for a new generation of spin qubits integrated to photonic devices.