05-18: Ashok’s paper on 13C hyperpolarization in powdered diamond goes live in Science Advances! Congratulations to Ashok and all co-authors.

The ability to optically polarize the spin of NV centers in diamond under ambient conditions has long been considered a valuable resource for nuclear spin hyperpolarization and MRI. Unfortunately, the misalignment between the external magnetic field and the NV axis inherent to a powder – the preferred geometry in the above applications – has proven an obstacle difficult to surmount. The work by Ajoy et al. demonstrates efficient 13C polarization in a diamond powder under ambient conditions and in the presence of mild optical and MW excitation, thus paving the route to portable, affordable hyperpolarization platforms of widespread applicability. Click here to gain access to the full Science Advances article.

04-18: We welcome Dwi Prananto, from the An group at JAIST! He will be working jointly with us for the next three months.

Dwi is a PhD student woking under the supervision of Prof. Toshu An at the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST). His main research interests are diamond NV magnetometry and spin-heat interaction in ferromagnetic materials. He received an Off-campus Research Travel Grant from JAIST for his three-month stay at the Meriles Group. Welcome, Dwi!

03-18: Alexander Woods joins us from U. Melbourne for a month-long stay. Welcome Alex!

Alex is a physicist now working as a postdoc at the group of Prof. Andrew Martin at the University of Melbourne. With a formal training in experimental atomic physics, his work has been more recently broadened to include the dynamics of NV and SiV centers in diamond. He is particularly interested in the interplay between the NV spin and the physical rotation of the host crystal. He will be working with us for about a month and a half. We are really glad to have him here!