Talk show

We are planning this page to contain a collection of presentations by by our group members. Here goes the very first few! We hope you like them!


Nov 2021, EAS conference: “Towards microwave-free dynamic nuclear polarization”, by Carlos Meriles.


May 2021, Group presentation: “Controlling charge carriers in semiconductors via ponderomotive potentials”, by Damon Daw.


March, 2021, ENC Conference:  “Generation of one-directional spin currents”, by Carlos Meriles.


March 2021, APS March Meeting presentation: “Optical activation and detection of charge transport between individual color centers in room-temperature diamond”, by Artur Lozovoi.


November 2020, 2nd Workshop on Diamond Electronics: ““Understanding photo-generation, diffusion, and trapping of carriers in diamond”, by Carlos Meriles.