10-19: Mishkatul Bhattacharya from the Rochester Institute of Technology tells us about how to engineer a phonon laser

Mishkatul Bhattacharya

Optical Tweezer Phonon Laser

Abstract: We are in the middle of a revolution in phononics, where it seems useful and possible to control phonons as we have photons in the last few decades. In this talk
I will describe our theoretical proposal and its experimental demonstration regarding 
a phonon laser made of the center-of-mass oscillations of a nanoparticle trapped in an
optical tweezer.  I will report on threshold behavior, coherence, subthermal number 
squeezing, time dynamics, phase space characterization, injection locking, Q switching 
and the role of stimulated emission in our single mode phonon laser. Based on this discussion 
I will conclude that our device provides a pathway for engineering a coherent source of 
phonons on the mesoscale that can be applied to both fundamental problems in quantum 
mechanics as well as tasks of precision metrology.​