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01-18: Daniela’s paper on nuclear spin hyperpolarization picked by PRB as an Editor suggestion

The article “Multispin-assisted optical pumping of bulk 13C nuclear spin polarization in diamond”, by D. Pagliero et al. will be an ‘Editor’s suggestion’ in the upcoming volume of Physical Review B. These are papers that the editors and referees find of particular
interest, importance, or clarity. Approximately 5% of all papers published by PRB fall in this category. Congratulations to all authors!

02-17: CCNY nominates Hari to the Blavatnik Postdoctoral Award. Congratulations Hari!

HariJayakumar_IIDr. Harishankar Jayakumar is among the CCNY nominees to the regional Blavatnik award for young scientists for his work on the control of trapped charge in diamond. Congratulations Hari!!

The Blavatnik Regional Awards acknowledge and celebrate the excellence of outstanding postdoctoral scientists from institutions in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. More information about the award can be found here.

11-16: Marcus Doherty’s paper goes live in PRX

A major barrier in the development of large-scale quantum information processing in diamond is the connection of nitrogen-vacancy spin registers. Given that diamond is expected to be an ideal spin transport material, the coherent transport of spin directly between the spin registers offers a potential solution. Yet, there has been no demonstration of spin transport in diamond due to difficulties in achieving spin injection and detection via conventional methods. This article exploits detailed knowledge of the paramagnetic defects in diamond to identify novel mechanisms to photo-ionize, transport, and capture spin-polarized electrons in diamond at room temperature. In particular,  we explore how these mechanisms may be combined to realize an on-chip spin quantum bus at room temperature.